Imagine what it would feel like to be laser clear on how you want to be experiencing your life and have the exact tools you need to shift your limiting beliefs and manifest your deepest desires.

This is your chance to finish 2018 in fabulous form and lay the groundwork that will make 2019 your best year yet! Join me for Mindset Mastery and learn proven strategies that will empower you to make foundational shifts and move you from confusion and overwhem to clarity and confidence.

This workshop bundle has been intentionally designed and curated to help intelligent, ambitious, driven and soulful women like you move through transformational change with ease and balance. 

This workshop is for you if you:

Are an intelligent, ambitious, driven, and soulful woman who feels frustrated with how your emotions have been showing up in your daily life

Are ready to shed the old feelings that have popped up in your daily life of not doing enough, not being enough, and not knowing enough

Are tired of feeling paralyzed with indecision and want to feel fierce confidence in every decision you make in life

Are tired of going it alone and want to join a community of other intelligent, ambitious, soulful, and non-judgmental women just like you

Are ready to exchange the busyness of life for a more balanced way of being in life

Are ready to gain laser clarity on the reasons you are feeling stuck and learn how to move forward efficiently and effectively

Want to move beyond your limiting beliefs and are ready and willing to go on an adventure of self-discovery

Are ready to re-energize yourself in a way that will honor who you are and what you bring into the world

Your experience includes:

Vision Roadmap Workshop (Live workshop Wednesday, October 24, 7-8:30pm PT)

  • Gain laser clarity on your desires
  • Uncover and release emotional blocks to create fierce confidence
  • Create a Roadmap and Vision Board to enable you to sustain and reach your goals with passionate purpose  

Bad Ass Beliefs Workshop (Live workshop Wednesday, November 7, 7-8:30pm PT)

  • Identify the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back
  • Learn the proven formula I use to create new beliefs that use the power of the mind, body, and soul. 
  • Walk away with 1-3 Bad Ass Beliefs that you can begin using right away to “raise the vibration” so that you can experience feelings of abundance and ease  


Manifest Now Workshop (Live workshop Wednesday, November 14, 7-8:30pm PT)

  • Acquire tools and skills to take your dream or desire and manifest it into your reality
  • Discover how to use visualization to align your mind, body, and spirit 
  • Learn how to manifest in a sustainable way and stay in the “flow” 

FREE access to my "Rise Up, Lean In, and Soar Collective" private Facebook group 

There is power in collaboration and community. This Facebook group provides you a safe and non-judgemental space to interact with other women who, like you, are seeking ways to live life intentionally. You will also experience regular live masterclasses with me, where you can ask your specific questions, get feedback, and be empowered to live your authentic life.

6 months unlimited access to the workshops and supporting materials

You can attend each workshop as many time as you like during the 6 months. Each workshop will be offered live at least twice during your membership period. In addition to live offerings you have unlimited access to the recordings of previous live workshop sessions during your membership period.

“After a couple of months of working through stress and anxiety issues with Rachel, I started to feel the ‘oh wow!’ It was like a veil had been lifted and I could see things differently. My communication with my husband did a 180 for the better, I grew more patient with my son during his terrible twos, and I’m back in school with a 4.0 grade point average and preparing to graduate a year early! Rachel helped me go from feeling stuck in a rut to full speed forward.” 

~ M.J.

“I was always wondering what was wrong with me. Rachel showed me that other people should not make a difference to how I feel about myself. How they treat me and what other people do is about them, not me.” 

~ M.B.

“I have worked with Rachel to address grief and loss and determine how to balance multiple things, from career to family to working bi-coastal so that I could be with my seriously ill father. She’s helped me figure out what I’m capable of doing. She’s been amazing at helping me set priorities and she’s helped me achieve balance in my life instead of getting stuck in an all or ‘nothing’ kind of thinking.” 

~ K.D.

 Get to know Rachel

A lover of nature, a connoisseur of ice-cream, and BFF to my dog Ella. Living in Northern California has given me the opportunity build a business that allows space for both work and relaxation in beautiful places such as Mt Shasta, Mt Lassen, and the Northern California coast. On the weekends you can find me, my wife, and Ella heading out for an adventure in our 18-ft trailer.  

As a High-Performance Mindset Strategist for Women I help you create a custom roadmap that puts you back in the driver’s seat and headed where you want to go. Through my 15+ years working as a Psychotherapist, I’ve guided hundreds of intellectual, ambitious, successful, and soulful women and I know the unique struggles you face.  

Working closely with so many women has enabled me to identify a number of common threads that hold women back from experiencing the ease, clarity, and confidence they need to balance life. I have used these threads to develop and curate a set of core strategies and tools to help you carve your own unique path to success with Fierce Confidence, Laser Clarity and Passionate Purpose. 

Inquiring Minds Want to Know...

What if I can't attend the live workshops?

You will have unlimited access to recordings of the live workshops for the duration of your membership (6 months). Each workshop will be run live at least twice during your membership period, so if you miss the first live workshop you can catch it at a later date.

What if my circumstances change after I sign up and I can no longer attend the live workshops?

You will still be able to get full value from the course by listening to the workshop recordings, and will have at least one additional opportunity to attend the live workshops later in your membership period.

How do I purchase a single workshop?

The bundle has been intentionally designed and curated to support transformational change. In my experience when topics like these are bundled together it allows women to receive the maximum benefit. Therefore at this time these workshops are only being offered as a bundle.

Still not sure if Mindset Mastery is right for you? Email me at or give me a call at 530-338-9985. I would love to speak with you and answer your questions directly.


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These workshops are small and highly interactive to ensure every woman attending gets the support she needs to achieve her transformational shifts.  

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